Flight Training

 Based at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, we are one of the largest flight schools in Ontario. We offer personalized professional training to accommodate your flight training needs.


Private Pilot License


Aviation Medical- Category 3

Minimum age to hold a Private Pilot License is 17 years old

Ground School- Transport Canada minimum is 45 Hours Total (our own is 48 hours)

In-flight Training - Transport Canada minimum is 45 hours total (17 Hours Dual and 12 hours solo)

Transport Canada Written Exam-60% pass mark

Practical Flight Test

Approximate Cost

Ground School - $450.00

Book And Supplies- $450.00

Flight Instruction

30 hours dual (C-150) $275.00/hr- $8250.00

15 hours solo (C-150) $190.00/hr- $2850.00

License Fee- $155.00

Medical Examination Fee- aprox. $150.00

Total: $13,155.00

Notes: Medical Examination fee varies by examiner. Costs above are based on a minimum 45 hours flying time on a Cessna 150 and Cessna 172. The total cost does not have to be paid up front and can be paid "as you go". Prices do not include applicable taxes. Each student progresses at a different rate. Thus, Total times required to obtain a PPL will vary.

Night Rating



 Valid Private Pilot License

10 hours of instrument training (5 hours from the Private Pilot Training)

5 hours Dual night flying (Including 2 hours cross-country)

5 hours solo (Including 10 solo take-offs and landings)

Approximate Cost


5 hours dual instrument training (C-150) $275.00/hr- $1375.00

5 hours dual night flying (C-150) $275.00/hr- $1375.00

5 hours solo night flying (C-150) $190.00/hr- $950.00

Total: $3700.00


 VFR Over The Top Rating


Valid Private Pilot License

Approximate Cost

15 Hours dual (C-150) $275.00/hr- $4125.00

License Fee- $60.00

Total: $4185.00

 Instrument Rating


Minimum of 50 hours cross-country pilot-in-command (PIC) time

40 hours instrument time of which a maximum of 20 hours may be done in an approved flight simulator

The 40 hours of instrument time shall include a 100 nm cross-country flight in actual or simulate IFR conditions with approaches to minima at two separate locations

Transport Canada written exam- 70% pass mark

Practical flight exam

Approximate Cost

Single Engine

30 hours (C-172) $320.00/hr- $9600.00

IFR ground instruction (7 Hours)- $595.00

Total- $10,195.00

Multi Engine

25 hours (C-172) $320.00/hr- $8000.00

5 hours (PA-23) $467.00/hr- $2335.00

Multi Engine ground instruction- $525.00

Total- $10,930.00

Notes: Instrument rating quotes are based on the student pilot having 10 hours of instrument time from the Private Pilot License and Night Rating

 Multi-Engine Rating 


Valid Private Pilot License

Approximate Cost

Approx. 10 hours dual on Piper Aztec (PA-23) $467.00/hr- $4670.00

1.5 hours solo (Flight Test) $382.00/hr- $573.00

Total- $5343.00

Note: There is also a flight test fee, which is paid directly to the examiner

 Recreational Pilot Permit


Aviation medical- Category 4

Minimum age to hold the permit is 16 years old

Flight Instruction- Transport Canada total 25 hours total

Transport Canada written exam- Pass mark of 60%

Practical flight test

Approximate Cost

15 hours dual (C-150) $295.00/hr-$4125.00

5 hours solo (C-150) $190.00/hr-$950.00

Dual cross-country 2 hours (C-150) $295.00/hr- $550.00

5 hours additional time (C-150) $190.00/hr- $950.00

Total: $6575.00

Notes: The Recreation Pilot Permit restricts the holder to operate an aircraft with a maximum of four seats, to only carry one passenger and fly during daylight hours within Canada.