Island Air Flight School & Charters Inc.


Island Air currently operates a fleet of 11 aircraft consisting of 4 Cessna 150's/152's, 5 Cessna 172's, 1 Cessna 182 and 1 Piper PA23-250 Aztec.
The use of Cessna aircraft for flight training is extremely popular worldwide. Cessna aircraft have been proven to be the safest and most economical single engine aircraft with over 40 years of service.
Our fleet includes:

  • Cessna 150/152s with 2 seats
  • Cessna 172s with 4 seats
  • C-182 with 4 seats and G1000 glass cockpit

For twin engine flight training, Island Air makes use of 1 Piper PA23-250 Aztec. This aircraft is fully equipped for IFR flights.
Make  Model Registration   Seats

 Cessna  C150M C-GGNJ 2
 Cessna  C150M C-GFDH 2
 Cessna  C150M C-GHZL 2
 Cessna C152 C-GFHK 2
 Cessna  C172M C-FKWO 4
 Cessna  C172M C-GUOB 4
 Cessna C172N C-GKWM 4

 Cessna C172S C-GSAR 4
 Cessna C172S C-FJPM 4

Cessna C182T (G-1000) C-GOPE 4
Piper PA23-250 (Aztec)  C-FBIL 6